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OTTAWA – April 28, 2022 – Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. is pleased to announce Hiboo Networks, the region’s first municipally-owned internet service provider offering high-speed fibre optic network services to over 6,000 mid-to-large enterprises across the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Hiboo Networks will provide fast, high-capacity and highly-secure connectivity solutions built on state of the art technology, while delivering the low latency and high reliability network services that the business community increasingly requires to support their international growth and success.

The high speed fibre optic network services will initially be made available to area universities, schools, hospitals, as well as to large commercial and industrial customers before being extended to the broader business community. Hiboo Networks is committed to serving business customers in both Ottawa and Gatineau, enabling a “smart and connected capital region” of the future.

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Quick facts:

  • Network details: Our high-speed fibre optic network is built on the latest generation technology with fail-safe redundancy that scales to enable mid to large-sized organizations in the Ottawa-Gatineau region achieve their digitization and transformation requirements.
  • Benefits to the local community: Hiboo Networks is owned by Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc., a company that understands the importance of reliability and best-in class customer service. It is committed to serving the Ottawa-Gatineau region’s business community by delivering high-quality telecommunications services.
  • Proximity to its customers: Hiboo Networks’ fibre optic network is accessible and in close proximity to major businesses and organizations within the Ottawa-Gatineau region.


With the emergence of 5G networks, cloud computing, and Big Data, we look forward to supporting the Ottawa-Gatineau communities on their digitization journeys. Our state-of-the-art fibre optic infrastructure and technology will deliver high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity to businesses. With our best-in-class customer service we will help businesses achieve their maximum potential, while making a significant and meaningful contribution to the community

Mark Fernandes, Chief Information and Technology Officer & Interim General Manager Hiboo Networks

Media Contact

Dan Séguin
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Tel: 613 808-6743

About Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.

Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. is a private company 100 per cent owned by the City of Ottawa and whose core businesses are electricity distribution, renewable energy generation, and energy and utility services. It owns and operates three primary subsidiary companies: Hydro Ottawa Limited, Portage Power, and Envari.

About Hiboo Networks

Hiboo Networks is Ottawa-Gatineau’s first and only intelligent network service provider delivering high quality, high capacity connectivity solutions to businesses and organizations acting as a catalyst for the region’s global leadership in the digital economy of the future. Its dedicated ethernet and internet solutions will enable Smart City initiatives and other leading edge innovations for the region. Hiboo Networks is owned by Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.