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a new dawn

Welcome to Hiboo Networks.

Amongst the large, national telecom service providers, the needs of our vibrant Ottawa-Gatineau Region have seldom been prioritized.

Until now.

High speed connectivity is increasingly essential for communities. With Hiboo it will be lightning fast, secure, reliable and with the highest level of service built in, and not as an afterthought.

  • The region’s intelligent network service provider
  • Your very own dedicated connectivity partner
  • Backed by Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.
  • This is our high-quality, high-capacity 100% fibre optic network, engaging our region and enabling its digital future

our purpose

  • We are passionate and driven about bringing high-quality, high-capacity fibre–based network solutions to underserved markets and providing customers the secure and scalable connectivity they need
  • We will enable, via technology, a strong, healthy, digital future for Ottawa-Gatineau and its citizens
  • We will act as a catalyst for the region’s global leadership in the digital economy of the future
  • We are committed to the communities we serve and to enabling a thriving Ottawa-Gatineau region through our technology offerings
  • Because we live here too.

business on
your terms

The mantra.

Always accountable. Simply intelligent.
Your priorities are our priorities.

  • We understand your needs
    We care about the region’s businesses, with our expert team and the support you require
  • Fast and simple ordering process – speak to a live voice!
    We connect with you on your terms and deliver the customer experience you need
  • Approachable and helpful support, with clear and transparent billing
    We value your time and appreciate your business
  • Uniquely experienced to offer solutions that suit your business requirements because we understand your context
    We are citizens of Ottawa-Gatineau ourselves

hiboo way

  • Network services are delivered entirely via Fibre-optics and designed to be available to businesses throughout Ottawa-Gatineau
  • Next-generation connectivity will enable future smart city initiatives and other leading-edge innovations for the region
  • We are the architects, owners and operators of a network that covers the entire region and from our core to your door, delivering highly-secure, low-latency and high-capacity for your business
  • Quite literally woven into the fabric of our region in every way.

contact us

(613) 800-8140
[email protected]
2420 Bank Street
Suite 134
Ottawa ON, Canada
K1V 0T7

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