Enterprise Grade Internet

Key Benefits

Dedicated Bandwidth
Our internet access service provides a dedicated symmetrical connection with guaranteed bandwidth and burstable capability, on our region’s very own 100% fibre network. We’re multi-homed to the Internet to give you confidence and reliability – ensuring that your business’s internet needs are always met.

Maximum Value
Combining competitive pricing, a simplified ordering process and clear and transparent billing ensures that hiboo delivers a high level of return to your business.

Ease and Flexibility
Flexible bandwidth from 1G to 100G, with both burst and non-burst options, along with intelligent demarcation options available to support a wide variety of applications and service levels.

24x7x365 Support
Our team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide assistance and resolve any issues you may have. Regular network monitoring and maintenance ensures that our services are always running at peak performance. You can trust that your business will stay connected and productive, no matter what.


Low Latency and Jitter: Our service provides low latency and jitter, ensuring that your business’s internet experience is smooth and fast.
Demarcation Options: Our service terminates in your building telecom room at your service location. Our Premise Equipment includes a Standard Demarc or optional Intelligent Layer 2 Demarc with media handoffs
Customer Portal: Monitor your order status and connect with hiboo customer support and resources, via your own dedicated Customer Portal.
Flexible bandwidth with a variety of burstable options
Clear and simple SLA ensures confidence
24/7 network surveillance and proactive monitoring means hiboo takes immediate action to resolve issues


Your most demanding Internet applications

Ultra high end Internet bandwidth needs

From small branch, to Head Office, Corporate Data Center, and Campus Internet needs

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